Discussion on Construction Technology and Welding Deformation of High-Rise Steel Frame Structure
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High-rise steel frame structure
Construction technology
Welding deformation
Structural stability



Submitted : 2023-09-25
Accepted : 2023-10-10
Published : 2023-10-25


Because of urbanization, land resources in China’s cities has become increasingly scarce. Therefore, modern buildings are becoming taller, making high-rise steel frame structures the new favorite of the construction industry. However, the construction of high-rise steel frame structures requires advanced technology. If the construction technology is effectively implemented and the welding techniques of the construction personnel align with the requirements for highrise steel frame structures, it can help mitigate deformations in the steel structure, thus preserving the overall construction quality of high-rise steel frame structures. To enhance the applicability of steel frame structures in high-rise buildings, this paper focuses on analyzing the optimization path for the construction process of high-rise steel frame structures. It introduces a tailored approach to control welding-induced deformations in steel frame structures, aiming to make a valuable contribution to the advancement of China’s construction industry.


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