Settlement Control Technology of High Filled Soil-Rock Embankment in Alpine and High-Altitude Areas
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High-altitude and cold areas
High soil-rock embankment
Settlement control technology



Submitted : 2024-02-06
Accepted : 2024-02-21
Published : 2024-03-07


China's infrastructure has gradually achieved large-scale development, and transportation construction has also shifted from east to west, transitioning from plains to mountainous areas. High-fill embankments of different sizes in mountainous areas are unavoidable, and the settlement of high-fill embankments is usually the most concerned issue in high-fill projects. According to the current research results of highway projects, most of the high embankments in mountainous areas are soil-rock mixed embankments or rock-filled embankments, and their post-construction settlements are directly related to construction technology and filler types. The problems existing in the settlement control of earth-filled embankment and related influencing factors are analyzed in detail. At the same time, the settlement control technology of high-fill embankment in high-cold and high-altitude areas is also discussed, so as to ensure the overall quality of high-fill embankment.


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