Research on Ventilation and Heat Insulation Layer Design of Split-Type Roof Greening Based on Topological Interlocking Principle
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Roof greening
Overhead insulated roof
Topological interlocking



Submitted : 2023-07-30
Accepted : 2023-08-14
Published : 2023-08-29


In this paper, the roof ventilation and heat insulation layer modules are combined with the roof greening, and each module is assembled and combined through the principle of topological interlocking. The assembly of these modules does not require any rivets or cement mortar, and the structural stability of the overall assembled roof can be achieved only through the interlocking and limiting of the specific geometric shapes between the modules. Due to the modular design, this kind of green roof has strong applicability and can be applied to roofs of different shapes. Such a roof can not only meet the aesthetic needs, but also beautify the urban environment and reduce carbon emissions.


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