Research on the Outdoor Activities and Spatial Characteristics of the Elderly in College Communities: Taking a University in Northern China as an Example
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College endowment
Outdoor activities
Spatial characteristics
Suitable for aging



Submitted : 2023-02-26
Accepted : 2023-03-13
Published : 2023-03-28


In view of the aging population in the country, college communities can better meet the needs of the elderly in the community by developing hardware facilities, environmental resources, and management systems. However, in China, the research on elderly care in colleges is still in its infancy. The paper presents an analysis on the characteristics of the elderly group, outdoor activities, and space characteristics in college communities through the field survey of a university in the north, questionnaire survey and interview with the elderly. Suggestions for optimizing the outdoor activities space of the elderly in college communities are then provided, hoping to provide some reference for relevant research.


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