The Practice of Ideological and Political Construction in the “Comprehension and Calculation of Steel Reinforcing Bar Using Plan Representation Method” Course
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High occupation
Major in architectural engineering technology
Rebar leveling
Curriculum ideology and politics
Collaborative education



Submitted : 2023-01-14
Accepted : 2023-01-29
Published : 2023-02-13


Under the background of the concept of big ideology and politics, through the organic integration of professional courses and “curriculum ideology and politics,” students should not only learn professional knowledge and skills, but also cultivate craftsman spirit, spirit of hard work, professional quality, and professional normative awareness. Taking the “Comprehension and Calculation of Steel Reinforcing Bar Using Plan Representation Method” course as an example, this course takes the reform of the three teachings as the background. Firstly, the elements of ideological and political education that are relevant to the course are fully excavated. Then, the ideological and political entry point of the professional course of construction engineering technology are explored. In this way, the effective integration of professional course teaching and ideological and political education elements can be achieved, and the students’ qualities can be developed, leading to a effective integration of ideological and political collaborative education in the curriculum.


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