Research on Prefabricated Open Caisson Construction Technology
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Prefabricated open caisson
Open caisson construction



Submitted : 2023-01-14
Accepted : 2023-01-29
Published : 2023-02-13


With the continuous improvement of urban residents’ lives, the demand for of urban infrastructure construction increases, requiring more and more advanced engineering technology. We should not only speed up the progress of the project, but also reduce the impact of the construction on the surrounding environment. Our company has had several achievements in this regard, and prefabricated open caisson construction process is one of them. In this paper, the application of prefabricated caisson construction method is analyzed in depth according to the actual situation of the rain sewage reconstruction treatment project of Minghe ecological water system in Dancheng County. Through practice, it is concluded that this construction method greatly improves the construction efficiency, shortens the overall construction process, reduces the construction cost, and effectively improves environmental quality of the construction site, which has good reference value.


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