A Comprehensive Evaluation of User Satisfaction with Industrial Heritage Reuse and the Optimization Strategies: Taking Zhonglian U Valley 2.5 Creative Industrial Park as an Example
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Industrial heritage
Satisfaction evaluation
Optimization strategy



Submitted : 2022-08-16
Accepted : 2022-08-31
Published : 2022-09-15


The industrial heritage creative industrial park in Qingdao, which has been renovated and put to use, was selected as the research subject. Based on the data collected via the questionnaire survey and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, the hierarchical analysis method was used to calculate the weights of indicators at each level and construct a comprehensive satisfaction evaluation model, aiming to ensure a comprehensive satisfaction evaluation and analysis of the use effect of industrial heritage following renovation and utilization. Based on the evaluation results, the existing problems in the renovation and reuse of industrial heritage in Qingdao were analyzed, and subsequently corresponding optimization strategies were proposed.


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