Study on Fine Management of Construction Engineering Projects Based on BIM Technology: Taking the Construction of Group C Project of Zibo Cultural Center as an Example
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Zibo cultural center
Steel structure
Building Information Modeling
Fine control



Submitted : 2022-08-16
Accepted : 2022-08-31
Published : 2022-09-15


The roof steel structure of group C project of Zibo cultural center is composed of steel truss, welded H-shaped steel and large-diameter steel pipe embedded parts. The construction of embedded parts of inclined cylinder overhanging steel structure is difficult. The stair square tube ladder beam requires precise angles and radians, complex processing, and construction site setting out is difficult. A three-dimensional visual building information model has been established for this projects which includes several aspects which are as follows: the development of the post anchor construction technology of large steel sleeve embedded parts with inclined cylinders based on Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, multi discipline synthesis and collision optimization, the net height optimization of electromechanical pipelines, fine reinforcement management, BIM virtual construction template. Through this planning, 14908 pipeline collisions, including 236 major collisions have been eliminated. BIM is used in handling and solving problems with the construction unit and the supervision company. This greatly improves the project work efficiency and saves meeting time. Through optimization of electromechanical line collision and secondary masonry layout, more than RMB 9 million has been saved in terms of personnel and materials, effectively reducing material losses, saving manpower, and significantly improving the implementation efficiency of the project. Based on the on-site simulation, the project planning scheme of the enterprise was adjusted, efficient work allocation with less idle time were ensured, and the correct utilization of project funds and time were ensured. The original extensive annual control and monthly control have been dynamically and accurately controlled to realize the dynamic understanding of the profits and losses of the project, and effectively reduce the occurrence of non-ideal situations.


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