Dilemma in the Development of Modern Timber Architecture and Its Countermeasures
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Modern timber architecture
Ecological benefits



Submitted : 2021-12-13
Accepted : 2021-12-28
Published : 2022-01-12


Under the context that “peak carbon emissions” and “carbon neutrality” are included in the overall plan for the construction of ecological civilization in China, this paper discusses the value of modern timber architecture as a form of low-carbon and environmental protection movement in the whole life cycle of the construction field. It mainly analyzes the reasons for the limited resources, misunderstandings of inherent concepts, the high cost of comprehensive construction, and the shortage of professionals. Based on that, several countermeasures have been proposed, such as perfecting relevant norms and policies, strengthening technology research and development as well as demonstration guidance, moderately developing forest resources, applying digital construction operation and maintenance technology, as well as cultivating compound professionals, all of which provide a reference for the development of ecological benefits in China’s construction industry.


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