Reform and Practice of the Core Curriculum of Civil Engineering and Architecture Based on the “1+X” System
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“1 X” system
Civil engineering and architecture
Curriculum reform



Submitted : 2021-12-13
Accepted : 2021-12-28
Published : 2022-01-12


The “1+X” system has a great impact on the development of vocational education. Based on this system, it is imperative to carry out the reform and practice of the core curriculum of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Several vocational colleges have made attempts in the reform and practice of the curriculum, but the effect is not ideal. Under the influence of various factors, such as the lack of experience, there are also several problems in the reform and practice of the curriculum. Among them, the most apparent problems are as follows: the curriculum reform is not synchronized with the development of teaching materials, the pertinence of practical teaching is lacking, and the guidance provided for professional certificate examinations is not well-established. This paper specifically analyzes the problems existing in the reform and practice of the core curriculum of Civil Engineering and Architecture under the “1+X” system, and then puts forward effective strategies for these problems.


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