Design of Special-shaped Interchange between Expressway and Urban Road in Mountainous Cities
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Mountainous cities
Urban Road



Submitted : 2021-08-30
Accepted : 2021-09-14
Published : 2021-09-29


Driven by the rapid economic development, the development of transportation in China has begun to move towards mountainous areas. The climate environment, topography and landform of mountainous cities are different from those of plain areas. In mountainous cities, the area of opposite interchanges between expressways and urban roads is generally large, which has a certain contradiction with the topographic conditions of mountainous cities. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably design the opposite interchanges between expressways and urban roads in mountainous cities. The author explores and analyzes the factors restricting the special-shaped interchange between expressway and urban road in mountainous cities and the main forms of special-shaped interchange, and puts forward a reasonable design scheme, hoping to make a smooth development of the special-shaped interchange in mountainous cities.


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