Influence of Collapsible Loess on Foundation and its Treatment Strategy
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Collapsible loess
Foundation construction
Processing strategy
Constructional engineering



Submitted : 2021-07-27
Accepted : 2021-08-11
Published : 2021-08-26


The properties of collapsible loess are complex. The self-gravity of overlying soil, self-gravity stress and additional stress act together, which will damage the soil structure and lead to the deformation of the soil structure. Collapsible loess is widely distributed in Northwest and Northeast China. A series of problems caused by its structural characteristics will affect the quality of foundation construction. Therefore, construction enterprises need to deeply study the foundation treatment measures of collapsible loess, so as to avoid the uneven settlement after the construction of collapsible yellow soil foundation. This paper analyzes from the judgment and classification of collapsible loess, studies the impact of collapsible loess on building foundation construction, and explores the specific construction treatment measures of collapsible loess, in order to promote the effective application of foundation construction.


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