Discussion on Anti-seepage Wall and Anti-seepage Technology of Water Conservancy Project
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Submitted : 2020-12-01
Accepted : 2020-12-16
Published : 2020-12-31


The water infiltration problem of water conservancy projects is one of the more common problems in the construction of water conservancy projects, which seriously affects the overall construction quality and safety of water conservancy projects. This article studies the causes of water infiltration in water conservancy projects and introduces related anti-seepage technologies, hoping to be a reference for the implementation of anti-seepage projects. Through research, it is found that the factors that cause water infiltration in water conservancy projects include water conservancy project structural changes, environmental factors and construction factors. Relevant personnel can use concrete anti-seepage wall construction technology and high-pressure jet grouting technology to do the relevant anti-seepage work of water conservancy projects.