The Application of Dynamic Shock Mechanics Test in Engineering Blasting
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Submitted : 2020-12-01
Accepted : 2020-12-16
Published : 2020-12-31


With the continuous advancement of China's infrastructure construction to the west, according to the geographic situation in the southwest region, such as mountainous areas and complex terrain, the road construction process is inevitably accompanied by earth and rock blasting. To improve the quality and safety of the project, this paper addresses the problems of land and rock blasting faced in the construction of mountain road projects, taking the research of rock dynamic mechanics test as the starting point, and using a combination of theoretical analysis and experimental research methods. The specific research content includes the following parts: dynamic impact compression test (SHPB), dynamic splitting tensile test, and stress-strain curve analysis of the test results, which provides the theoretical basis and numerical parameters for the numerical simulation of future engineering blasting.