Energy Efficient Building Systems For Urban Transformation Projects: Case Study
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Submitted : 2020-12-01
Accepted : 2020-12-16
Published : 2020-12-31


In last decades uncontrolled rapid urbanization in Turkey led to existence of squatter areas and disaster-vulnerable building stocks. After 1999 Marmara earthquake urban renewal has become the base of urbanization politics and planning agenda in Turkey. Turkish building industry usually uses RC buildings in the urban renewal projects. In recent years cold formed steel CFS and 3D panel building systems due to its lightweight, fast constructed, energy efficient , and economy start to be used as an alternatives to reinforced concrete buildings especially in seismic areas. In this paper energy performance of three building systems were investigated on a case study school building. Analysis results shows that 3D panel and CFS buildings systems will established with 59% and 36% less energy requirements with respect to traditional reinforced concrete non-insulated buildings.