Analysis of the Application of Justifiable Defense to the “Violence Against Violence” Behavior of Women in Response to Domestic Violence
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Domestic violence
Abused women
“Violence against violence” behavior
Justifiable defense



Submitted : 2023-12-30
Accepted : 2024-01-14
Published : 2024-01-29


In recent years, cases of “violence against violence” of women against domestic violence have been increasing.Most of these cases arise when women need to defend themselves against extreme domestic violence. This paper attemptsto explore the application of justifiable defense of abused women in domestic violence and discusses the nature andoccurrence of the behavior from two dimensions. Situations in which the actions of the victim can be considered asjustifiable defense are also discussed. Subsequently, two measures for preventing such cases and protecting women’srights are proposed. The first measure is legal education and psychological intervention, and the second measure is raisingawareness of domestic violence.


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