Improving the Comprehensive Ability of Vocational Education Students Through Skills Competitions
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Skills competition
Comprehensive ability
Vocational education
Vocational colleges



Submitted : 2022-12-07
Accepted : 2022-12-22
Published : 2023-01-06


Skills competition is an important part of the vocational education system and a booster of teaching quality in vocational colleges. This study explores the role of skills competition in advancing the comprehensive ability of students in vocational colleges from specific cases. Firstly, this paper elaborates on relevant educational policy issue papers. Secondly, the studies of relevant scholars are discussed. Thirdly, the students’ work in the Capital Challenge Cup Skills Competition is presented. Fourthly, the preparation process of the competition is used as a case study to explore the improvement of students’ abilities in four dimensions. Finally, the main conclusions are summarized. The skills competition is of great significance for vocational institutions to improve teaching quality and talent training mode. Vocational institutions should invest more financial resources and create more policies to support the development of skills competitions.


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