Research on the Factors Affecting Carbon Emissions Based on Multivariate Regression Models
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Carbon emissions
Energy structure
Industrial structure
Multivariate regression model



Submitted : 2022-02-14
Accepted : 2022-03-01
Published : 2022-03-16


Carbon peak and carbon neutrality are two new terms that are being mentioned more frequently, and the measurement of carbon emissions has become an important research topic. Based on relevant data, this paper studies the relationship and evolution law of the driving factors of carbon emissions from energy structure and industrial structure as well as the result factors of carbon emissions from energy consumption, and then establishes corresponding mathematical models. The driving factors, result factors, and relationship attributes that are difficult to measure in the carbon emissions from energy structure and industrial structure are analyzed to fathom the evolution law of carbon emissions and absorption. Based on the results, phased and global suggestions for carbon neutrality have been suggested, taking into account the characteristics of different industries and regions.


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