A Study on the Influencing Factors of the Demand for Home-Based Elderly Care Based on the Logistic Regression Model
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Home-based elderly care
Influencing factors
Regression analysis



Submitted : 2022-02-08
Accepted : 2022-02-23
Published : 2022-03-10


As the most basic and extensive way of providing for the aged, the demand for home-based elderly care is becoming more diversified and complex. Based on the questionnaire surveys carried out in the east, central, and west of China in recent years, along with the research results of experts and scholars, this paper selects 14 independent variables from four dimensions: personal factors, family factors, social factors, and government factors. Using SPSS 19.0, a multiple logistic regression analysis is carried out, and six factors that have significant impact on the demand for home-based elderly care have been screened out, in hope to provide some reference for practical workers in the design of home-based elderly care.


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