Taoist Culture Design: The Development of the Design Ideas


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The cultural development of “Tao” and “Qi” has lasted for thousands of years. The theory of “Tao” began with Laozi and Zhuangzi. Through “The Book of Changes · Xici,” it is developed as “the metaphysical is the Tao, and the figurative is the Qi [1]”. “Tao” and “Qi” are interdependent as philosophical concepts. It first guided the philosophy of Taoism, Confucianism and other scholars in the pre-Qin period, and then promoted the development of national system in Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasty, which gave birth to the aesthetic system of the ancient imperial court. With the development of modern design ideas, the design ideas of “Tao” and “Qi” are integrated. After thousands of years of civilization development and technological changes, today’s ideas of “Tao” and “Qi” are booming, and have in-depth exchanges and integration with foreign cultures.