Protection of Corporate Creditors’ Interests under Subscription System


Subscription system
Corporate personality
Credit publicity




At the end of 2013, the reform of China’s corporate capital system established the full subscription system design. This reform, however, is far from ideal. It also introduces new issues, such as bogus companies, which have a new impact on the market economy. The reason for this is that it only eliminates the minimum registered capital and first capital contribution requirements, leaving other systems that are actually matched with the paid-in system unchanged, resulting in the old and new systems forcibly grafted together being unable to adapt to each other in practice. In the real world, such a corporate capital arrangement is certain to have issues. Given the company’s debt repayment problem, which is caused by the current full subscription system, it is advisable to establish and improve the company’s credit and information publicity system, appropriately expand the application scope of the disregard of corporate personality system, and constantly improve the company’s registered capital urging system, in order to ensure the enrichment of the company’s capital, better safeguard the interests of the company’s creditors, and avoid the company’s debt repayment problem.