Exploring the Characteristics of Urban Streets that Influence People’s Restorative Experience


Restorative experience
Landscape characteristic
Experiential landscape




Research about restorative quality of landscape can help to mitigate possible negative effects of urban densification on people. Previous studies discussed the restorative experience on natural environments or urban open space. However, further research is needed on the application of restorative experience in specific scenarios, for example streetscapes. There are a few studies that have explored the relationship between restorative quality and the landscape characteristics on streets context. However, there is little research on the practice of these theories. This article delves into the study of its predecessors and summarizes the primary factors that influence the restorative ability of streets. Then, using these data in a case study, consider if streets that provide a positive experience for people have these restorative street qualities in common. In addition, this article investigates the potential street characteristics that influence street restorative value and identifies areas for development in these situations. The findings could lead to a more commonly applied method for creating a psychologically sustainable streetscape.