An Analysis about Attitudes Towards the Changes in Online Tutorials from the Perspective of Teachers


Online tutorials
Teacher development
Online education
Teacher attitude




This study aims to explore the teachers’ attitudes towards changes in online tutorials and what changes they will adapt to these challenges for achieving long-term development. In this study, the data collected is quantitative and use a questionnaire to collect related information from 117 samples. Through the investigation and analysis of teachers’ attitudes about the changes in online tutorials, the following two conclusions are mainly drawn. Initially, majority of teachers has recognized attitudes towards the teaching methods, course content and teaching effects of existing online tutorials, and is willing to accept the changes in online tutorials. At the same time, the age (teaching age) and experience in online tutorials are also important factors that have an impact on teachers’ attitudes towards changes in teaching methods and course content. Secondly, teachers’ attitudes towards existing online tutorials can also impact on teachers’ recognition and behavioral intentions of changes in online tutorials. Teachers, on the whole, are in favor of changes in the design and content of online tutorial courses, which implies that the curriculum will be more student-centered and high-quality. These two findings support the validity of the research hypothesis. Furthermore, the research suggests that teachers take advantage of the opportunity to develop their teaching abilities, overcome their fear of challenges, embrace change, and ensure technical support, based on the literature and research. However, in order to gain a better grasp of this topic in the future, more in-depth research will be required. In summary, this research has both theoretical and practical significance.