Moving to Beijing to Take Care of My Child with a Chronic Disease: How does it Change My Identity?


Identity change
Identity formation




More Chinese individuals have travelled to major urban centers, such as Beijing, in the last decade in search of better medical care for their very ill children. These patients are frequently desperate and unable to pay their medical bills. The new position that they adopt to will almost certainly have an impact on their identity during this process. As a result, the goal of this research is to learn how to better support them and how they deal with outside pressure. As a volunteer with the Children’s Hope Foundation, the author has access to these families and can set up in-depth interviews with six distinct respondents. Data would also come from the author’s previous observations of these groups. Finally, the “caregiver identity” influences migrants’ decision-making in Beijing for their children. Emotional and mental stress are also caused by the identity. It has, however, become the character they play to deal with their current issues.