Study on the Problems and Countermeasures of the Rural Community Home Care Service for the Aged: Based on the Home Care Service Center for the Aged in Linqu County


Rural old-age support
Community home-based old-age support
Community old-age service




With China’s population ageing, the issue of caring for the elderly has become a national concern. The rural economy is relatively backward in comparison to cities and towns, the old-age security service policy facilities are not yet perfect, and the large-scale outflow of young and middle-aged labor force following reform and opening-up has weakened the traditional family old-age support function, and the benefits of community old-age support appear, but it is still limited by a number of factors. The research object in this paper is the Weifang Linqu County Community Home Care Service Center for the Elderly, which summarizes the current implementation of rural community home care services. This paper also investigates the problems that exist in old-age care at home in rural communities and proposes some solutions.