Probing into the Dilemma of Hospice Care for the Elderly in China


Chinese elderly
Hospice care
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs




With the aging of the population gradually become a worldwide trend, China has entered into the aging society in 2000, the phenomenon of “getting old before getting rich” has caused a severe challenge. As a part of the pension system, hospice should be paid attention and promoted. However, due to the influence of China’s traditional view of death and the fact that hospice is not included in the medical insurance system, the idea of hospice has not been widely publicized. Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, this paper analyzes the current situation of hospice care for the elderly in China and explores the specific difficulties encountered in its development, then we hope people re-understand the saying “a good death is better than a lazy life” and choose hospice care services rationally.