Impact of Ballroom Dance on Body-Esteem of Middle-Aged Urban Citizens


Ballroom dance
Middle-aged group




Aim: To explore the impact of ballroom dance on the body-esteem of urban middle-aged groups, and to provide references for the promotion of physical and mental health of the group. Method: Middle-aged people who meet the age standard and live in cities were selected as the experimental subjects, and the experimental group was given an 8-week ballroom dance exercise intervention. Result: After a period of ballroom dance intervention, the body-esteem and its various dimensions of the experimental group were significantly improved to varying degrees (P<0.05). Conclusion: Ballroom dance exercises have a significant promotion effect on the urban middle-aged population’s body-esteem and its various dimensional levels, and have an extremely significant promotion effect on the physical state, physical fitness and the level of physical self-worth.