Research on the Construction of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystem in Colleges Guided by Fostering Virtue in Education


Fostering virtue in education
Innovation and entrepreneurship education




Focused on the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship education ecosystem guided by “Fostering Virtue in Education,” colleges are grounding efforts in the new development stage, applying the new development philosophy, and creating a new framework of development. Under China's new era, fostering character and civic virtue is the due meaning of innovation and entrepreneurship education in higher education. Adoption of this strategic approach accelerates the transformation of economic development mode, and build an innovative country. It is also an education strategy which can improve the quality of talent training and innovation & entrepreneurship education. An important way to promote the all-round development of university students is to implement the core measures of increased employment by entrepreneurship and the full employment of graduates, which is related to the fundamental issue of “who to cultivate, how to cultivate and for whom to cultivate.” In the new era, innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities should be based on the local conditions, respond to the needs of the times, connect with the national development strategy, grasp the correct development direction, become an important force to promote the national economic development and social harmony and progress, cultivate the new force of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” in line with the requirements of the times and the country, and realize the transformation of university functions and missions. To carry out the fundamental task of talent cultivation in universities.