Application of Flower and Bird Patterns in Modern Makeup and Hair from the Perspective of Design Culture


Design culture
Flower and bird patterns
Modern makeup and hair




Under the background of the vigorous development of various cultural and artistic forms, the traditional patterns that can express the unique charm of Chinese national culture have become an important material for modern design. Traditional patterns not only have unique decorative functions, but also represent the spirit of traditional culture. Among them, flower and bird patterns are also precipitated by history. It is worth exploring how to combine the flower and bird patterns with the aesthetics of the times, and how to integrate the traditional flower and bird patterns with the nature of the times. Starting with the formation and development of flower and bird patterns, this paper analyzes the historical, cultural and aesthetic attributes of flower and bird patterns from the perspective of design culture, and expounds the application of flower and bird patterns in makeup and hair in various historical dynasties. With the development of the times, the application of flower and bird patterns in modern makeup and hair should be both national and in line with the aesthetic requirements of modern people.