Study on Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) Extraction Method of Lhasa Municipal Sludge


Sludge contains large number of EPS and the main components are protein, polysaccharide, hemic acid and so on, which is a great kind of carbon source. Therefore, using a method to extract the EPS and reflux to the biochemical tank can not only provide sufficient carbon source for microorganisms, but also solve the problem of sludge treatment and disposal in sewage plants. This passage compared five different extraction methods to study the extraction effect of EPS of Municipal Sludge. The results showed that the content of EPS components obtained by UN method was higher than that of the other four methods, which indicated that the UN method was better than the other four methods in extracting EPS; Through the comparison and analysis of the SCOD content and microscopic morphology of sludge EPS, it was found that the SCOD content obtained by UN method was the highest, and the corresponding sludge flocculant morphology was destroyed more thoroughly, so the best method was UN method.