Practice Plight of Spiritual Support in Rural Areas under Epidemic Situation ——Take the countryside of B County in H Province as an example


This paper based on the ecological system theory, takes the countryside of B County in H Province as an example. In the consideration of the investigation to the spiritual support in rural areas under epidemic situation, it has found the main factors that may affected the practice plight of spiritual support including generation imbalance in rural families, weakening of social responsibilities, the main body established by relevant policies is not active in participation, and the insufficient concerted effort of the social support system constructed. Therefore, it suggests to establish the concerted platform for the national aged mental health professionals, clarify the “three-in-one” operation mechanism, build up the consultant system for the mental health of rural aged people, improve the family assistance efficiency for spiritual support, encourage the deep participation of spiritual support of offspring, and provide potential to improve the living quality of the rural aged people.