Development of private non-academic education and training enterprises in China


After nearly 40 years of development, private education in China has become an important growth point for the development of education and an important force for promoting education reform. Private education institutions can be divided into two categories: private schools engaged in academic education and private education training institutions engaged in non-academic education. Private non-academic education institutions have played an important role in expanding domestic demand, adjusting the structure, increasing employment and promoting social development, and thus have flourished. For example, yu minhong founded new Oriental school in 1993, and Yin xiong founded giant education in 1994. In September 2006, new Oriental education group was listed in the United States. Since then, a number of private education enterprises, such as bowen net, China net education, xuesi and xueda education, have been listed in the United States, which has pushed the private non-academic education in China to a new height. However, with the rapid development of private non-academic education enterprises, they are also facing great challenges.