A Survey of Wild Birds Trading in the Beijing Bird Markets


Birds are an indispensable part of nature and they play an important role in maintaining an ecological balance. The existence of bird markets undoubtedly poses a threat to the population of wild birds. The geographical location of Beijing is paramount to the migratory birds. The species of birds are rich in variety and its quantity is large in scale. In addition, the bird market in old town Beijing has a long history - since the Qing Dynasty, it has been the main bird market in the city. Therefore, a survey of the major bird markets in the city is highly representative. This study investigated the types, quantities, and prices of wild birds traded in several major bird markets in Beijing from July 16 to July 18, 2019. Data analysis and collation were also conducted in this study. The results of the survey presented 26 kinds of wild birds, with a total trading volume of an estimated 253. They are mainly birds of the order of the passerine, 18 of which are under Beijing’s second-class protection, and one of them is under first-class protection.