Research on Marketing Model of Green Agricultural Product under the Background of Internet Plus


With the continuous development of network communication technology in recent years, China's socialist market has been continuously improved, and the level and standards of modern science and technology have also achieved a remarkable improvement. Coupled with the gradual integration of economies worldwide, China's Internet technology is also rapid developing. In the meantime, this ushered the development and formation of online marketing market in China. In particular, the business of by-products from the agriculture industry can also be promoted through the new marketing medium of the network, representing a major change in the market economy. The agricultural product marketing model using Internet Plus helps farmers to expand the sales of the agricultural products, and also provides a new opportunity for the further development of the network marketing. The author discusses the Internet Plus-based agricultural product marketing model, encompassing an analysis of the advantages of marketing green agricultural products in the Internet Plus era and the status quo of China's agricultural product marketing activities. Considering the sales demand of green agricultural product in the current market and the development of e-commerce under the Internet Plus model, it will further promote the development of network marketing activities of green agricultural product in China.