Concentrated Evolution of Global Banking and Develo- pment Strategy Adjustment of China’s Banking

Huanli Li, Yaqi Fu


According to the studies based on the British magazine The Banker and the data of the central banks of the United States, Japan, and Britain, in the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century, the trend of global concentration of banking and country concentration were obvious. Although the concentration trend of banking has slowed since the international financial crisis, it is still running at a high level, which has changed the competitive environment and landscape of global banking. The development trend of global banking and the banking of traditional financial powers is from deconcentration to concentration. Different from it, the development trend of China’s banking is obviously from concentration to deconcentration. In order to promote the implementation of the internationalization strategy of China’s banking, we should make adjustments to the financial system in terms of maintaining the relative concentration of banking, piloting the bank holding company system, and encouraging mainstream banks to expand overseas business.

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