The Supply-side Analysis and Countermeasures of Exuberant Phenomenon of Outbound Consumption at Present

Guojun Chai, Jianping Li


In recent years, the exuberant phenomenon of Chinese residents leaving the country shopping has caused much attention in academic circles. Applying game theory, from the supply-side not the demand-side interpreting outbound consumption boom, it is the addition of brand value and reputation guarantee, as a result, the middle- and high-end consumers in our country are more willing to go abroad to purchase well-known foreign brand products, not to purchase domestic products with low prices, and not to favor the high domestic prices of foreign brands. Therefore, to guide the overseas consumption backflow of middle-and high-income families, we need to implement supply-side structural reform such as strengthening the brand construction of national enterprises, attaching importance to scientific research input and human capital accumulation.

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