Research on Sharing Economic Development of “Big Data + Block Chain”——Based on Industry Convergence Theory

Haiying Liu


Sharing economy as an important product of the Internet Era, its essence is to rely on Internet technology, especially big data technology to reuse the idle resources of society and creating new market value. However, with the increasing scope of the sharing economy, the problems of data security, circulation, sharing and privacy protection are gradually emerging, and big data technology has become the biggest bottleneck for further development of shared economy. The block chain technology is composed of a variety of technology and communication protocol to form a new Internet architecture, it through cryptographic sharing, distributed books and other feathers to provide new methods and ideas for data distribution and sharing and complementary with big data technology. Therefore, through the combination of block chain technology and big data technology, they can subvert the traditional shared economic business model and provide a new opportunity for sharing economic development.

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