Multidimensional Relative Poverty of Farmers in Tibetan Areas – Based on a Data Analysis on Micro Surveys


Relative poverty
Multidimensional poverty
AF method
Poverty decomposition




In 2020, the issue of absolute poverty has been solved, and China is building a well-off society in an all-round way. The issue of relative poverty is an important content of poverty reduction. Based on a survey data from Danba County in October 2020, this paper uses the AF method to calculate the incidence of multidimensional poverty and the multidimensional poverty index. The results showed that 44.65% of the farmers have multidimensional deprivation of any three indicators of relative poverty, and 2.79% of the farmers have serious multidimensional deprivation; the incidence of one-dimensional poverty in terms of “educational level index of head of household,” “per capita non-transfer income of households in 2019,” and “per capita household income in 2019” is the highest; at the same time, the contribution rate of the three indicators to the multidimensional poverty index is also higher than other indicators. Therefore, several suggestions have been put forward to alleviate the multidimensional relative poverty in the region from the aspects of industry development and education.


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