Relevance of Marketing Strategies for Gas Stations in China – An Analysis Using SPSS


Marketing strategies
Oil corporation
Gas stations
Oil industry




This study aims to find out the relevance of marketing strategies for gas stations in China. According to IBISWorld, the companies holding the largest market shares in China’s gas station industry include China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, Sinochem Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, and BP (China) Holdings Limited. Marketing has changed over the past several years. Similarly, gas station marketing is all about more customers, greater sales, and higher profits. Technology provides many different marketing tools to see more fresh faces at the door, increase repeat sales, and improve profits. Word-of-mouth advertising should be encouraged, especially when contests are being held. The prizes from these contests may include car essentials, free coffee, free car wash, or coupons to be used at convenience stores. Customers who have won these contests would surely go around advertising the particular gas station, ultimately bringing in more customers. Other than that, managers can boost the sales volume through radio promotions as well. This study also aims to give future businessmen and women some ideas on how to deal with different kinds of strategies when it comes to marketing, especially in China in hope to cater and prove to the people of China the possibility of promoting businesses, such as the oil industry.


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