Investment Opportunity in Online Survey Industry under COVID-19


The COVID-19 outbreak left the world an island shrouded in repression, causing great losses to the world economy and blowing numerous investors in the financial market. However, at the same time, emerging online industries also bring them new investment opportunities. This article would analyze the operation condition and forecast the growth potential of three enterprises, Zoom Video Inc., Shanghai Yaoji Technology Co., Ltd, and 51Talk, which specialize in Online Entertainment, Online Education, and Office Online. Through analyzing operating profit growth rate and net profit growth rate of Zoom Video Inc., classifying Shanghai Yaoji Technology Co., Ltd in terms of ROIC and increase rate of main business revenue, and predicting stock returns of 51 talk using Baidu Index, short-term and long-term investment strategies can be provided. With the above evidence, it is proposed that Shanghai Yaoji Technology Co., Ltd is worthy to invest in the short run, while Zoom Video Inc. and 51Talk have larger profitability in the long term. Besides, the future of those online industries is predicted.