Motivation, Dilemma and Countermeasures of Foreign Bond Financing of Real Estate Enterprises?Based on Perspective of Financial Internationalization


Several real estate enterprises in China (hereinafter referred to as housing enterprises) rely on overseas financing to meet their financing needs, but it is fraught with challenges such as high financing costs. Premised on the internationalization of finance, combined with the background of "staying and not speculating" and establishing a long-term mechanism for real estate market, based on the investigation of the financing motives of real estate enterprises, combined with a large amount of data, the present study examines the current situation and predicament of overseas financing of housing enterprises. It proposes four feasible countermeasures to promote sustainable development of real estate enterprises overseas financing including building a special financing system to reduce the cost, expanding various financing channels, strengthening the supervision of overseas bond financing, and reducing the loss devaluation of RMB internally and externally.