BYD Value Evaluation


BYD, a Chinese car brand founded in 1995, initially started with only 20 people. But until 2003, it had grown into the second largest rechargeable battery manufacturer in the world and established the BYD Motor Company in the same year. Its main production businesses include business cars and family cars. Because BYD is a new type of car company that starts late and has a lower starting point, it mainly takes the production of low end household small car as its main business. So most of the domestic consumers have been positioning BYD as the low end market. However, BYD has been developing in the high-end market of the mid end market and electric vehicle in the past two years, with low starting point but rapid development. BYD has transformed from an ordinary domestic automobile enterprise into a global electric electric giant. Electric vehicles and buses are exported to more than 170 countries and regions around the world. And more than 20 production bases have been established in the world, with a total area of more than 16 million square meters and about 200 thousand employees. The development of BYD has made us see the rapid development of Chinese economy and Chinese automobile enterprises. The share of domestic automobile in the global automobile market has gradually become bigger. At present, most of the consumers in China lack the scientific and effective evaluation of "BYD". This article is aimed at calculating the value of BYD by the way of value evaluation, and using scientific methods to tell consumers the value and status of BYD.