The Construction and Application of Smart Class Teaching with Financial Features: Taking Guangxi University of Finance and Economics as an Example


Under the guidance of Education Informatization 2.0 with the policy background of "prioritizing the development of education, speed up the education modernization, and build an education powerhouse", major universities have responded to the policy, and built a batch of smart classrooms in line with the development of university teaching, laying a solid foundation for promoting university teaching reformation. The author complied the necessity of smart classroom construction from the theoretical level, as well as the current construction status of the smart classroom at home and abroad, and finally, this paper takes Guangxi University of Finance and Economics as an example to analyze the teaching advantages of the school, how to promote the deep integration of information technology in education and teaching, and put forward a powerful plan for the construction of the smart classroom in school teaching, and the practical application of group discussion in smart classroom as an example to discuss the smart teaching. This kind of classroom teaching will provide a reference for leaders, students and teachers.