Analysis of the Causes, the Influential Aspects and the Risk of Sneaker Speculation and Suggestion


Sneaker speculation is one of the most attractive economic phenomena. The purpose of the paper is to avoid too many consumers blindly following the trend to join the sneaker speculation and eventually causes financial lost due to the sneaker speculation trend being too hot. This study is one of the first few attempts to analyze every aspect of sneaker speculation and give youth suggestion on purchasing sneakers. First, this paper analyzed the cause and influential aspect of sneaker speculation, and made a preliminary analysis for readers who first enter the sneaker market. Second, the risk of sneaker speculation was analyzed. Then, suggestions for the youth to establish correct values and consumption concept were given. Finally, the conclusion suggested that the price of sneakers is too high over their value, consumers should buy sneaker rationally. Hopefully, consumers can establish a more rational consumption concept for consumers. More powerfully regulated sneaker market is necessary, so that the price of sneakers is more reasonable and affordable for consumers.