A Case Study on Supply Chain Finance of SF Express


SF Express can carry out supply chain finance due to its perfect management system and advanced information management system. SF Express is outstanding from nearly 700,000 logistics companies in China and becomes a leading company with its complete management system and rich management experience. A good management system can greatly reduce the loss of internal management, avoid the loss caused by the failure of control, and improve the operating efficiency. Secondly, from an operational perspective, supply chain finance promotes great integration across business areas. While developing supply chain financial services to earn additional income, it strengthens the original customers’ preference, consolidates the main business, looks for stability and changes, and reduces the operational risks brought by the launch of new businesses. From the perspective of the whole supply chain, this business increases the overall economic value of the supply chain and relieves the financing difficulties. However, there are still imperfect mechanisms for controlling risk, limited funding, and insufficient innovation. The potential of the logistics industry and the increasing financing needs still demand us to stop. The development of third-party logistics and supply chain financial services led by SF Express has become inevitable.