Analysis on Internet Financial Business and Construction of Credit System


Internet finance is a new emerging financial model, using the Internet as a platform, big data and cloud computing as the basis. Supply Chain Finance is the easiest way to enter Internet finance. The third-party companies or institutions can invest in Internet financial companies by integrating their industrial chain practices into designing the financial products to reduce credit costs and improve safety. At the same time, it will increase mobile Internet, big data and operational services. Also, it can make full use of the Internet financial platform to provide value-added services for higher and lower enterprise and consolidate the core status of the company in the industrial chain. However, an important issue that needs to be concerned during developing Supply Chain Finance is the construction of a system for credit evaluation. Due to the lack of a unified credit evaluation system, the development of the existing Supply Chain Financial companies suffers from difficulties. Many newly launched companies have difficulties operating due to the lack of a credit evaluation system. Therefore, proper and effective credit indicators are essential for the development of enterprises under Internet finance. From the micro perspective, it is conducive for enterprises to improve their credit under the constraints of indicators, and it can solve the problem of capital raising; from the macro perspective, it is conducive to the standardized development of China’s Internet finance and promotes the comprehensive economic development. Based on this, analyzing the model of Internet financial business and developing an enterprise’s credit index system is beneficial to the development of China’s Internet finance.