Improve the Innovation Performance of J pharmaceutial Through the Adjustment of Innovation Strategy Driven by Digtil Economy


This thesis reviews and fully understands the current situation of J pharmaceutical according to a empirical research,which has been carried out by corresponding investigation and research on the design of questionnaires for Jingfeng Pharmaceutical's investment in innovation resources, the construction of innovation capabilities, digital transformation, innovation environment adaptation and facing, and innovation performance improvement. After research, it is found that there is a lot of space for improvement in the adaptation and facing of the innovation environment of J pharmaceutical, and the construction of innovation ability is also a short board. The digital transformation needs to be broken through urgently. Enhance J pharmaceutical innovation ability, comprehensively build J pharmaceutical innovation ability of culturally, technically, and managerially; Accelerate digital transformation, and then continue to increase the input of key resources, especially the training and introduction of talents, and key facilities. In order to adapt to and face the rapidly changing market environment under the digital economy, J pharmaceutical can improve the corporate performance.