Study on the Geohazard Distribution Laws and Hazard-Causing Mechanism in Menghai County of Yunnan Province


Menghai County
Distribution law
Hazard-causing mechanism




The study area is located at the southwest border of Yunnan Province and the southward extended part of Nushan Mountain, with complex and fragile geo-environmental conditions. Deep geological survey and mathematical analytical investigation on the geohazard distribution and hazard-causing mechanisms in this area were carried out in this study. The results revealed that: (1) The development of geohazards was affected differently by different slope shapes, slope structures and elevations; (2) Most of the geohazards were developed in medium shallow cut ridge-like medium-height mountainous geomorphological region and shallow cut steamed bun-like low and medium-height mountainous geomorphological region, and they were relatively concentrated on tectonic zones like fault zones; (3) The slopes formed by loose earth piling up on the surface of Indo-Chinese magmatic rock and Lancang Group metamorphic rock formations were most prone to slope instability and even landslide. The deep study on the geohazard distribution and hazard-causing mechanisms can provide geoscientific basis and reference for the prevention and mitigation work of geohazards under similar geo-environmental conditions.


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