Research on Construction Control Technology of Large-Span and Small Clear Distance Underpass High-Voltage Line Tunnel


Hanping tunnel is a control project of national highway 310 Dahejia to Qingshui highway project. It needs to cross a 330kV high-voltage transmission line under the condition of small clear distance, which requires high construction requirements. In view of the difficulties such as shallow buried depth of tunnel and small clear distance between tunnel and tower of high-voltage line, multiple excavation blasting method is adopted, and smooth blasting, charge quantity control and damping hole setting are comprehensively used to reduce the impact on the tower and structure of high-voltage line. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the large-scale finite element analysis software is used to simulate the whole excavation project. The influence of the full-section method and the middle partition wall method (CD method) on the surrounding rock and the high-voltage electric tower is compared. It is found that the CD method can effectively control the displacement of the surrounding rock and the tower on it and the uneven settlement.