Umbrella Labyrinth Sedimentation Device Study


Umbrella-type mud-water diversion labyrinth sedimentation device, which is characterized by the combination of two swash plate and wing plate into an umbrella type with a set angle, the angle range of the two swash plate is 15º--100º, the vertical height of the swash plate is 60-70 mm, the parallel axis of the wing plate is the vertical direction, the height is 10-20 mm. the whole adopts the modular combination mode, and can be freely combined and disassembled according to different pond design, swash plate The interval (sedimentation distance) can be freely adjusted, mud take the mud road and water take the water road, to avoid the mutual interference of the water and mud road, to achieve the stability of the water quality. The turbidity of the sedimentation pond is low, stable in 0.3-2.0 NTU.